Honest, persuasive copy that ignites your customers passions and fills your wallet with money. 


Sounds pretty nice, eh? Let's dig in.


If you are:

The CEO or CMO of a startup looking to increase conversions on your website or landing page

About to launch a kickstarter and want to blow past your funding goals 

Looking to start selling to your email list, but your list is  colder than a frozen butterball turkey

An expert who has developed a course that could help thousands, if only you could connect with people's emotions

Or have anything else you're trying to sell...

Let's Talk

You see, with great copy you can:

Create a deep connection with your customer and compel them to action (in a way that isn't sleazy)

Convey the essence of your business in a simple, clear, and compelling way, so that your clients finally get it


Overload your business with customers begging you to shutup and take their money

If you're reading great copy, you may not even realize it because you're so excited by the words that your mouth is watering in anticipation of the BUY button (sadly, no buy buttons on this page)

When you're looking to make money, copy is not an afterthought. 

Great Copy Is What sells your product or service.


And high converting copy is what delights your customers and makes you rich.

That's what I do. I write copy that delights and converts.

For websites, landing pages, kickstarter campaigns, emails, sales pages, PPC ads, Facebook ads, and more.

Great copy has the power to make people feel alive, ignited, and ready to take action.

If you have a Great business, you need great copy. 


"Alex is an incredible copywriter. He worked fast, communicated throughout his process, and was a deeply creative thinker when it came to expressing our brand through words. We would definitely hire him again for future copy needs."
- Michael Weiss, CEO, Worlds Fair USA


"Working with Alex was a pleasure, he communicates well, finished our project ahead of schedule, and put great care and thought into the entire project. He also walked me through the process and provided a rationale behind the content he put together. Highly recommend."

- CEO of Digital Marketing Agency


"Alex is an intelligent, responsive and communicative copywriter. Highly recommended. He has sophisticated knowledge of online marketing and copy writing, making him a great fit for your project."

- CEO, Digital Marketing Agency (different one!)

If you're in need of copy work get in touch, and we can set up a free consultation to discuss what you're looking for. 

Samples available upon request.

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