About Alex

From my perspective the biggest problem facing the world today is the inability for human beings to see the humanity in other human beings. Although this is a global challenge, the solution is personal.  It all starts with allowing yourself to accept the personal kindness of strangers. 

I lived my first 24 years or so life in a straight line. Good grades in high school led to a good college (Washington University in St. Louis), which helped me land a good job (Deloitte Consulting).

After some personal challenges, shattering of egos, and a subsequent re-buliding of my identity,  I started exploring my creativity. I did this in my inner world and outer world. 

Pretty soon I was behind the wheel of a tiny car driving from London to Mongolia, and not too long after that I was driving from NYC to Patagonia. 

40,000 miles later I'm back at home building an incredible wellness startup, playing piano in the park, and learning to salsa dance. 

Despite seeming to be all over, I feel like the disparate parts of my life are coming together in a symphony that's more coherent than its parts. 

My mission is to help people better understand themselves, and then help them use that knowledge to understand others better.