"Lean into each moment and each encounter, expecting magic or miracles"

This is rule #3 of Adam Robinson's 3 rules to live by. The other two were:

Fun, enthusiasm, and delight in everything you do. Absolutely everything.

Connect with everyone you encounter, on however a fleeting a basis.

These are great ideas, but why am I sharing them here, on a website about copywriting? 

Well, because that's how I like to live. And that's how I like to approach work I do with my clients. 

And it's also how I write my copy. You see, creating great copy is some art and a lot of science, but when great copy works...

it's. like. magic.

Creating great copy is about deeply understanding the motivations and drives of your customers. It's about knowing what the think about as they lie in bed, trying to fall asleep. It's about knowing the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning and begin to rush through their day. It's about knowing your clients better than they know themselves.

This is the magic I create...

Honest, persuasive copy that fills your customers with Joy and your wallet with money

Now, who the heck am I?

To make a long story short, but let's just say that I studied psychology and economics in college, worked as a management consultant for three years in NYC doing strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies, quit that to travel the world, and then spent 2 years driving through 35 countries on 4 continents, filming a TV show with Lonely Planet.

And all of this led me to...

Direct response copywriting.

That's right. 

Copywriting is an adventure into the psyche where you dig for buried treasures about the fears, motivations and desires of your customers.

In the world of copywriting, you are pushing the boundaries of what you know about people. You're going beyond who people say they are and what they want, and discovering who they truly are what they truly want (which are often vastly different from each other).

When you find what you're looking it for, it then becomes about weaving together what you found into a mind-blowingly compelling offer that your customers can't resist.

And this is what I love.

Getting to the truth of who people are, and telling stories.

I've been doing it all my life without knowing it.

It annoyed the hell out of my ex-girlfriend because she was always nervous I was analyzing her. I would always assure her that no, I wasn't analyzing her, but the truth is, I was.

When I started traveling the world, I naturally turned my experiences into stories - through articles, videos, and podcasts- and captured an audience around the world. 

This is what I love to do. And I'd love to work with you to do it. 

Get to know me a bit more

From my perspective the biggest problem facing the world today is the inability for human beings to see the humanity in other human beings. Although this is a global challenge, the solution is personal.  It all starts with allowing yourself to accept the personal kindness of strangers. 

I lived my first 24 years or so life in a straight line. Good grades in high school led to a good college (Washington University in St. Louis), which helped me land a good job (Deloitte Consulting).

After some personal challenges, shattering of egos, and a subsequent re-buliding of my identity,  I started exploring my creativity. I did this in my inner world and outer world. 

Pretty soon I was behind the wheel of a tiny car driving from London to Mongolia, and not too long after that I was driving from NYC to Patagonia. 

40,000 miles later I'm back, helping people connect to their customers on a deep level, founding a wellness startup, playing piano in the park, and learning to salsa dance. 

Despite seeming to be all over, I feel like the disparate parts of my life are coming together in a symphony that's more coherent than its parts. 

My mission is to help people better understand themselves, and then help them use that knowledge to understand others better.